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Elbow Sleeve, White, Small

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Target Compression System encompasses the elbow joint to enhance its surrounding proprioception, which maintains joint stability, increases precision and coordination of the arm, and improves performance in throwing, swinging, and spiking movements.

The LP Elbow Compression Sleeve includes a Band designed around the elbow which improves muscle balance and thus enhances joint stability.

This improves the kinetic chain movement of elbow flexion and extension to accumulate energy and enhance sports performance in activities such as throwing, striking and bowling.

The sleeve also provides appropriate compression for elbow muscles which helps increase blood flow circulation. This helps to improve endurance as well as prevent elbow muscle strains.

The short sleeve allows comfortable motion without restriction, while the seamless Lycra Soft is durable, breathable and fits perfectly


Power Band covers the upper arm and elbow to increase proprioception, stabilize the joint, and enhance the explosive strength of upper arm muscles, improving throwing, swinging, bashing, and spiking. Seamless design increases overall comfort.

General Compression can improve blood circulation, reduce the tremors of muscle contractions, and remove metabolic waste. In addition, it accelerates lactate metabolism, delays fatigue, and effectively enhances muscle endurance.


- Elbow strain

- Delayed onset muscle soreness