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Gift Set - Fresh Face Collection - Nomad - Preston

SKU: 12728
  • HAND CREAM - When your hands are knackered, this is the stuff. The fast-absorbing formula hydrates chapped skin without the slick feeling that makes you want to wipe your palms on your trousers. 3 Oz
  • FACE WASH - Designed to treat blackheads and enlarged pores, this resurfacing face wash dissolves dead skin cells that clog pores. Prevent ingrown beard hairs and keep your mug smooth. 3 Oz
  • COLOGNE - It’s important to smell pleasant, not potent. Free of synthetic fragrance, this essential oil cologne is clean, natural, and best of all, subtle. As the scent warms on your skin, it takes on an appeal that’s entirely yours. 4 Oz
  • NOMAD – Indian Sandalwood