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Hinged Knee Stabilizer, Small

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When you stand up from a chair, your knees complete a laborious motion that you are hardly aware of. The knee is a complex structure; it is responsible for coordinating joints and muscles to perform different movements. Although there is a spring-like structure inside the knee helping to absorb the counterforce and gravity from the ground while we move, imbalanced gestures or excessive exercises may lead to injury due to over usage. After repeatedly analyzing the complex motions of knee joint, LP SUPPORT has developed a product line of protective wear that can effectively provide stability and strength to the knee to ease the pressure it receives.

Product Feature

  • Metal hinges provide support and stability for medial and lateral ligaments.
  • Two hook and loop straps allow adjustment for maximum compression when needed.
  • Additional EVA pad around patella provides padded protection and stabilization to prevent patellar displacement.


  • Moderate sprain/ strain
  • Knee instability
  • Collateral ligament injury
  • Cruciate ligament sprain
  • Patellar subluxation/ tilting

Advanced level

  • Use LP advanced level supports for extra protection to injured area and to help shorten recovery time. Pads, straps and specific materials are featured for pain relief, or body alignment following injury. Special design of advanced level supports may also improve sport performance and assist joint movement.

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