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Maternity Support, Large

SKU: 11202

Description :

This Maternity Support supports in a natural way. It lifts and supports your abdomen and transfers the weight evenly and comfortably to your spine. It simply adds to your natural support, reducing the strain on your tissues and helps provide immediate relief. Support based on a design used by doctors and therapists for years.

Features :

  • Relieves pain in the back, legs and abdomen.
  • Transfers weight evenly.
  • Pre-pregnancy size.
  • Doesn't show under clothing.
  • Gentle support help to feel better.

To Wear :

  • The Maternity Support is designed so that it is easy to put on without assistance. Grip your Postpartum Support at each end and place the velcro "loop" pad over your abdomen. 
  • Stretch, and touch the velcro "hook" to the "loop" and your support is secure. You may vary the tension for maximum comfort by adjusting the amount of stretch