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Orthopedic Foot Gauntlet, Small

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The Foot Gauntlet is designed to elevate skin temperature and increase circulation, which provides pain relief associated with Diabetes, Arthritis and Raynaud's Disease. Understanding the difficulty pain sufferers have with wearing supports, Foot Gauntlet uses an open design that makes it easier to fit and attach the support. The non-slip safety sole has a rubber grip bottom which helps prevent slipping. The Foot Gauntlet has been clinically proven to increase both the surface and subcutaneous skin temperature 2 to 3 F for the optimal level of heat therapy.

  • Ideal for people with diabetes, arthritis and diabetic neuropathy.
  • Two stabilizer inserts anatomically shaped to provide support
  • Breathable lining ensures comfort
  • Adjustable VELCRO strips
  • Increases elasticity of muscles and tendons around the ankle and foot
  • Universal Gauntlet will fit either Right or Left foot.>
  • Available in multiple sizes (See size chart for reference)