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Pneugel Tennis Elbow Splint Universal Size

SKU: 10140
  • The Universal Gel Elbow, comes with an air pack and a pump allowing for various amounts of pressure. It provides comfortable, firm support to stiff or aching elbows.
Features Include:
  • The air pack contains gel which can be placed in the freezer for cold therapy.
  • It has an easy to adjust hook and loop closure.
  • Pump allows for various amounts of pressure.
  • Removable bi-component bladder to accelerate healing.
  • This strap helps provide temporary relief of pain due to tendonitis or tennis elbow.

Fitting Instructions

  • With the gel bladder affixed to the strap, wrap the strap around your forearm about 1-2" below your elbow. Make sure the bladder is placed over your forearm muscle area and pull strap thru the D-Ring until snug (not tight) and attach it to the 1" piece of hook. Inflate the bladder to desired pressure using the clear tip of the pump. If you over inflate simply insert the black tip to release the proper amount of air. Use the remaining part of the strap to cover the valve and provide a secure fit.

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