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Power Sleeve - Elbow Black, Small

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  • The LP Elbow Compression Sleeve includes a Power Band designed around the elbow which improves muscle balance and thus enhances joint stability.

  • This Power System improves the kinetic chain movement of elbow flexion and extension to accumulate energy and enhance sports performance in activities such as throwing, striking and bowling.

  • The sleeve also provides appropriate compression for elbow muscles which helps increase blood flow circulation. This helps to improve endurance as well as prevent elbow muscle strains.

  • The short sleeve allows comfortable motion without restriction, while the seamless Lycra Soft is durable, breathable and fits perfectly.


    • Elbow strain

    • Delayed onset muscle soreness


      • Fabric 86% Nylon 14% Elastane Auxiliary 65% Nylon 20% Polyester 15% Elastane