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Power Sleeve - Thigh, Black, Large

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  • POWER BAND COVERS the thigh to increase proprioception and enhance the explosive strength of thigh muscles, improving kicking and jumping.
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN INCREASES overall comfort with general compression that can improve blood circulation, reduce the tremors of muscle contractions, and remove metabolic waste.
  • IN ADDITION IT ACCELERATES lactate metabolism, delays fatigue, and effectively enhances muscle endurance.
  • POWER SYSTEM IMPROVES lower extremity kinetic chain, from the thigh to the knee, to stabilize knee movement, and to prevent over twisting.
  • IT ALSO INCREASES proprioception, and enhances the effectiveness of reproduction and accuracy of knee movement.
Product Feature
    • Anterior and posterior U pattern of Power Band designed around quadriceps and hamstrings assist knee extension.
    • Regulation Area can facilitate motional agility and provide smooth support.
    • Seamless Lycra Soft is durable, breathable and fits perfectly.


    • Delayed onset muscle soreness.
    • Quadriceps strain.
    • Hamstring strain.

    Washing Instruction

    • Hand wash in cold water with soap. Air dry at room temperature. Do not machine wash & dry.
    • Should a rash or irritation occur, discontinue use & consult your physician.


    • Fabric 86% Nylon 14% Elastane \nAuxiliary 65% Nylon 20% Polyester 15% Elastane