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Pro Comfort Twist Top Lancets 31G, 100ct

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Lancets devices are often overlooked as an important component of glucose testing kits. It can make drawing blood samples easier and less painful.

It is mainly a problem of high blood sugar levels, the medications that some patients take often lower their blood sugar to a dangerous level. Hypoglycemia can occur in people who are taking insulin, sulphopnylureas and prandial glucose inhibitors like repaglinide. Severe hypoglycemia can lead to coma and death.

Offers a complete range of quality lancets to ensure that accurate blood samples can be obtained with any skin type, quickly, easily and consistently.

• Fits most lancing devices

Package Contents: You will receive
•1 box of 100ct Pro Comfort lancets

Product Details:
• Expiration Date: 6+ months from Purchase Date
• Gauge: 31 Gauge
• Brand: Pro Comfort
• UPC: 850632007126
• NDC: 50632-0007-12ets 31G-Home Aide