Rib Belt Male Small

SKU: 10965

The LP Men’s Rib Belt provides compression to the thoracic area following surgery or rib fractures.

It helps to reduce pain due to the sudden expansion of the chest and rib cage, and provides firm support for injured or bruised ribs.

• The LP Men’s Rib Belt fits comfortably under clothing and is designed with an adjustable hook and loop closure for easy application. The adjustable design fits most body sizes.
• Made of a combination of elastic and soft nylon bonded to foam.
Ideal for
• Rib Fracture Pain Relief and Support
• Rib and Thoracic Bruise and contusion
• Rib pain from continuous coughing, respiratory disease and heart surgery 
• Thoracic, Rib and Sternum pain from joint disease or soft tissue disorder

• 85% Polyester, 10% Rubber, 5% Nylon

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