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Stabilizing Ankle Brace, Black, Large/X-Large

SKU: 11902
The DonJoy Advantage Stabilizing Ankle Brace is a lightweight, low-profile ankle support to stabilize and protect the ankle from mild to moderate ankle sprains and strains or arthritis. Constructed with neoprene fabric, this brace delivers warmth and compression to help reduce swelling and soreness. The anatomical stays provide medial and lateral support while the cross-straps distribute additional compression. Easy to put on, the Stabilizing Ankle Brace fits in most shoes and can be worn on the left or right ankle.

- Neoprene material for warmth and compression
- Anatomical stays for medial/lateral support
- Cross-straps provide additional compression and snug fit
- Lightweight and low-profile
- Easy-to-apply, step-in and wrap design
- Fits into most athletic shoes
- Fits the left or right ankle

Item Description

Rigid, yet comfortable and supportive, the DonJoy Advantage stabilizing ankle brace can be worn during high-impact activities or every day to help you get the stabilization you need to protect the ankle. With a dual cross-strap design and anatomical stays, you'll get the proper fit and medial and lateral ankle support without constricting ankle movement. The Neoprene material delivers warmth and compression to keep the ankle joints warm and loose, reducing inflammation and soreness. The stabilizing ankle brace is a slip-on brace, which makes it easy to put on and take off, and can be worn on either the right or left ankle. Ideal to wear for high-impact activities such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, Tennis, or golf. The stabilizing ankle brace is designed to treat mild to moderate ankle sprains, strains and arthritis.