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Wrist Wrap, Black, Universal

SKU: 11913
The DonJoy Advantage Wrist Wrap helps ease wrist pain associated with sprains and strains. Constructed with a neoprene blend, this wrist support provides warmth and compression, helping to reduce swelling, soreness and stiffness to the wrist. Designed as a wrap-around style, the Wrist Wrap is easy to apply and can be worn on the right or left wrist.

- Neoprene blend construction for heat retention
- Mild compression for pain relief and support
- One size fits most
- Fits on the left or right wrist

Item Description

Do you suffer from wrist pain with lifting weights or typing? Alleviate wrist pain with the DonJoy Advantage Wrist Wrap. Constructed with a neoprene blend, the Wrist Wrap delivers warmth and compression to help relieve muscle stiffness. It's a wrap-around style, making this support easy to apply and adjust. The Wrist Wrap is best to wear during cycling, tennis, golf, racquetball, pickle ball, weight lifting, work/typing, or everyday activities. It's designed to treat mild wrist sprains, sprains, soreness and stiffness. It's one size fits most and the Wrist Wrap can be worn on either the left or right wrist.