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Ascensia Contour Next Test Strips (R) 50 - Bayer

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  • Bayer® Ascensia Contour® Test Strips are for use with Ascensia Contour Meter. Formerly known as Ascensia Microfill Test Strips, the Contour Test Strips use Sip-in Sampling® Technology which require only a tiny drop of blood for an accurate reading. These test strips provide easy viewing of sample fill to ensure accurate results and fast testing. There is No Coding Required™ for the Ascensia Test Strip. This means you can open a new box of test strips and use them right away – no extra steps to take!
  • Features
    • No Coding:
      The Ascensia Contour® Test Strips automatically calibrate the blood glucose meter each time new Ascensia Contour test strips are used so there is no coding required! Automatic calibration ensures accurate results every time with fewer steps.
    • Small Sample Size:
      The Ascensia Contour Test Strips need only a very small drop of blood for proper blood glucose test results. Just 0.6 microliters of blood are required for precise results.
    • Alternate Site Testing:
      The Ascensia Contour test strips can be used for testing alternate sites, such as the palm, or forearm. Utilizing alternate site testing may reduce pain caused by repetitive testing on the same area.
    • 5 Second test results:
      Get your test results as fast as 5 seconds.