Our Partners

We have developed dependable relationships with manufacturing companies in the USA pharmaceutical space be it Rx, OTC, medical devices, DME supplies, pharmacy supplies, vials, Consumer Products, and other product lines that are purchased through Independent pharmacies, Home Health Agencies, Physician's offices, or Medical Supply Stores. Our relationships are direct with the manufacturers, and Alpine Health is an authorized distributor on record with them.

We work in conjunction with our partners to move their product nationwide.

  • By introducing your products to existing wide spread network of pharmacies
  • By promoting your product more effectively in the existing market
  • Becoming a single point of contact for all your products
  • Consulting industry experts for compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Deciding price points for efficient penetration
  • By Overcoming logistical challenges
  • Leverage existing relationships and experience of the US healthcare market
  • By increasing market share on your slow moving products
  • By utilizing powerful marketing tactics like:
  • Newsletter Ads
  • On hold messages
  • Marketing your product during customer visits
  • Providing the customer with switch cost vs. benefit analysis
  • By carrying products on our formulary for extended durations
  • By staying competitive and maintaining pricing discipline

Partnering with Alpine health bring a plethora of benefits that directly helps your company market its products more effectively.

  • Utilize cost effective logistics network
  • Ability to serve 40% of the independent market twice a day
  • A seasoned sales team to promote new products
  • Identify best practices of the industry
  • Pricing discipline, Prompt payments & Market insight
  • Transparent business practices that you can trust
  • Quick access to industry experts to solve unexpected issues