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Swede-O Ankle Lok, Black, Medium

SKU: 10232
Cool and durable flannel and mesh design provides comfort. Non-stretch "Figure 8" nylon straps add support, while the heel lock helps to prevent inversion/eversion.

Features Include:
- Figure 8 strap offers increased stability mimicking trainer's tape.
- Low profile design allows brace to be worn inside an athletic shoe.
- Strong durable breathable material.

Recommended for stabilizing the ankle joint following cast removal or for mild to moderate sprains.

Item Description

Swede-O Ankle Lok

Featuring the patented Ankle Lok system for a snug fit. A full elastic back and seamless arch help eliminate the chance of blistering, and the "Figure 8" straps mimic an athletic trainer's taping procedure.
Features Include:
  • Patented Ankle Lok system keeps brace tighter longer.
  • Heat-sealed arch reduces any irritation to the bottom of the foot.
  • The #1 ankle brace with Certified Athletic Trainers.
    Recommended for stabilization of the ankle joint following sprains or after cast removal. Molded stabilizers provide additional support and help prevent inversion/eversion.